Littleneck Set To Open A Greenpoint Location

littleneck coming to greenpoint
Image: Gowanus Your Face Off

Living in Greenpoint must be such a bittersweet experience. Greenpointers have to deal with rotten egg smells and rapidly rising rents, but then they get awesome things like a second meat + cheese shop, their very own Xi’an Famous Foods, massive vinyl pop-ups, and now, Greenpointers is reporting that the neighborhood will soon be home to the second location for Gowanus’ beloved seafood eatery, Littleneck.

According to Greenpointers, the aptly named Littleneck Outpost will be slightly different from its sister restaurant and have a more café-like atmosphere. The Outpost will serve breakfast and La Colombe coffee as early as 7am while their lunch menu will feature popular Littleneck menu items like clam rolls and lobster rolls alongside new offerings like sandwiches and picnic boxes. To top it off, there will be a kind of Littleneck “grocery” featuring the owners’ favorite foods and kitchenware items.

The new eatery will be located at 128 Franklin Street near the corner of Hickory Street and if all goes well, Littleneck Outpost should be open before the end of the April.

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