For April Fool’s Day, BrisketTown Is Now TofuTown

For April Fool's day BrisketTown became TofuTown
Screenshot via Delaney BBQ

Other than a good fake pregnancy scare, we don’t generally find most April Fool’s Day stunts to be particularly enjoyable or worthwhile. But here’s one nice, Brooklyn-centric exception we can get behind: BrisketTown’s temporary online transformation into TofuTown (hat tip to Eater for alerting us).

They really committed here; fake menu items now include “Briskseitan” and “House-made quinoa and wheat gluten sausage, lightly seasoned and cold smoked in a Nutra® casing.” Another segment from today’s website:
Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 11.57.27 AM

Well played. We assume this is all based on that new study re: the devastating environmental impact of meat-eating?

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