Heads Up, Carroll Gardens: Organic Waste Collection Is Coming Your Way

organic waste collection carroll gardens
Photo: Flickr user net_efekt

If you’re trying to imagine how massive a New York City landfill must be, you probably shouldn’t. Your brain will explode. But the city is working to make that image more manageable to the human mind and they’re doing that by slowly rolling out their organic waste collection program, which was launched last year.

Next on the path toward citywide composting is Carroll Gardens, which will become the next guinea pig neighborhood in the Department of Sanitation’s Organics Collection pilot program.

According to Pardon Me For Asking, special brown cans will be delivered to residents by May 13. Residents will also receive a smaller kitchen container, a pamphlet and coupons for plastic liners. By May 19, twice-a-week pickup (on the same days trash is always picked up) will begin.

The new cans will give residents a completely separate place to put their “kitchen scraps, yard waste, paper plates, and paper napkins.”

For more information, visit the Department of Sanitation online.

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