SUV Crashes, Lands on Top of Q Train in Prospect Park South

car lands on top of Q train

Just before 5am this morning, an SUV crashed into a fence on Albemarle Road and E. 16th Street and landed on top of a southbound Q train. In other news, I’m working from home today.

Via Metro New York, the police and MTA officials report that there were no injuries to any of the train’s passengers and that there were only minor damages to the train. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene and is still at large. Which, that explains why there were helicopters buzzing overhead in my neighborhood all morning. It was quite an effective alarm clock, I’ll tell you that much. As of now, southbound Q trains are running express from Prospect Park to Kings Highway (the accident occurred near the Church Avenue station) so that crews can repair the fence.

We’d also like to thank @BKSHOSHANNAH, who broke the news via twitter, for her excellent use of the hashtag #gm. Keep up the good work.


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