Booze At The Prospect Park Ice Rink? Sure, Why Not

You, pretty soon.

The Lakeside Center at Prospect Park has already been a well-received (and long overdue) addition to Brooklyn’s public parks system, but Prospect Park’s lone skating rink has also been missing a crucial thing: booze. This wrong is likely to be righted soon enough, though, as the Daily News reports that the rink-adjacent Bluestone Cafe has applied for a beer and wine license, which has already been approved by Community Board 9.

The application still has to be approved by the state, but should be a shoo-in, and has precedent on its side; apparently the Park’s tennis center used to sell beer and wine, too, but stopped due to lack of demand. “We saw that people didn’t necessarily want to stick around for a beer or glass of wine after playing a grueling game of tennis,” said a spokesman for the Prospect Park Alliance.

And other than the one neighborhood killjoy who told the paper, “this sounds like hell on wheels to me,” it all seems like a nice idea, especially once the weather gets warmer and the whole thing turns into a roller rink. More importantly, though, searching for an image to go with this post led to the below video, simply titled “Drunk Russian ice skating:”

Soon enough, this’ll be all of us.

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