Tuesdays Now Mean “Free Beer Day” At Briskettown

Tuesdays Now Mean "Free Beer Day" At Briskettown
Image: Eater NY

You read that correctly. Free beer. Completely free beer.

According to Brokelyn, today and every Tuesday to follow, Williamsburg’s Briskettown (359 Bedford Ave. nr. S. 4th St.) will tap a keg starting at 5 p.m. for a new all-you-can-drink tradition: Boozedays at Briskettown. 

Owner Dan Delaney says the whole thing was inspired by a spontaneous and borderline foolish decision to serve free beer on Mardi Gras, which turned out to not only be successful, but completely vibe-changing. So, here we are!

The keg (whose contents will “probably” change from week-to-week) will flow until the stream of beer becomes a mere trickle and then the celebration will be over…until the following week.

Oh, and we forgot to mention there will be delicious brisket to eat while you drink your beer free of charge. It really doesn’t get better than that.

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