Here’s Where to Donate to Save Goodbye Blue Monday


It was with heavy hearts we learned last week that longtime Bushwick venue Goodbye Blue Monday—the place where Vampire Weekend got their start—would be closing unless an outside benefactor with $7,000 stepped in to help them pay a series of back fines, and in the longer term, their soon-to-be-doubled rent. Well, it appears they’re not quite ready to go down without a fight, and have launched a gofundme page to cover the cost of their fines.

The page, created by Griselda Schwidlemeyer, explains the situation as follows:

“SAVE OUR HOME!Goodbye Blue Monday has been a staple of the Bushwick community for the past ten years as an open venue for all kinds of artists to come and perform.For most of us GBM is like an extension of our own homes, an oasis from the carbon cut copy places with no real esthetic or feeling of community. It really is an artists space with a neighborhood vibe. We want very much to keep the DIY dream alive, please share in our hope and spread the word.”

As of this post, they’ve raised about $2,000 of the $7,000 goal. There are also benefit shows planned for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights of this week, so it’s safe to say you can swing by just about any time to show your support, and at least something will be going on. No word on what they plan to do once the landlords jack up the rent in a couple of months when their lease ends, but they’ve got to start somewhere.

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