Closing Trois Pommes Patisserie Going Out With A Bang

Closing Trois Pommes Patisserie Going Out With A Bang
Image: Here’s Park Slope

Today, we shared the news that the “lovably weird” Goodbye Blue Monday is in danger of going out of business unless they find someone to buy the current owners out. We think there’s still a sliver of hope for Goodbye Blue Monday, but the opposite is true for Park Slope’s Trois Pommes Patisserie.

Last month, the owners announced via Facebook that Trois Pommes Park Slope would be closing for good after nearly seven years of business and decamping to a new, as-yet-unknown location. But they’re not going out quietly.

To celebrate the bakery’s last day, Trois Pommes will throw a farewell party on Sunday, March 23. For $10, attendees will get “booze, food and all the baked goods you can grab.”

The bakery is not terribly spacious, so we suggest showing up a few minutes before the party kicks off at 5 p.m.

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