Rag & Bone is Coming to Cobble Hill

Soon to be something extremely different (image via Downtown Bar and Grill)
This would look nice as a Victoria’s Secret, don’t you think? (image via Downtown Bar and Grill)

Well, here’s a weird swap: after the Downtown Bar and Grill closed down last month, news started circulating last week that an outpost of Rag & Bone is slated to move into the space of a former grocery store just down the block on Court St.

The Daily News billed the change as “Court St. turning into Madison Ave.,” which may be a bit hyperbolic, but then, they also noted that rents on the block have jumped from $35 to $200 per-square-foot over the past five years. One of Rag & Bone’s co-founders also just snapped up a $6.75 million townhouse in the neighborhood.

The paper also talked to a broker who said, “No one likes to be the pioneer, but once an area is established other stores want to pile in.” Queue the headlines about Cobble Hill as the new SOHO in 5…4…3….

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