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If you’ve ever doodled or dreamed about how the “perfect” boot or shoe would look, take your idea to Brooklyn, NYC and make it happen.  No one knows more about the design and construction of Footwear than Olivier Rabbath, a master tradesman, honored artisan, selected by the Smithsonian Institution, and Professor at Parsons New School of Fashion. Olivier now designs and teaches from his Studio at 180 Hoyt Street, Brooklyn, NY – one block East of Smith St, close to trains and easy to access.

In addition to offering footwear custom-made to perfection (Women Size 6 to Men Size 22), Olivier will teach a first-time student how to make themselves a pair of boots – in 15 hours of class-time (unheard of)!  He will also teach one how to ‘Make a Living Making Boots/shoes’ from a remarkably small space.  The school website says it all:  www.howtomakebootsfromyourgarage.com

In addition – for Designers, Olivier will create an impeccable Prototype, using his 25 years experience designing as well as manufacturing footwear on 2 continents. With the Spirit of Giving, in order to nurture the creativity of any student or designer, Olivier offers his fully-equipped studio for their own use.   This is a gift to any budding designer lacking the capital to invest in equipment.

Olivier is founder of ORA, an organization that provides members “Turn-key Operation” potential, with a network of pros and fellow artisans offering support and distribution assurance to all members.

Olivier Rabbath welcomes all comers to check out the website or visit the School.


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