The Girls Bus Tour Is Coming To Brooklyn This Fall

Girls tour coming to Brooklyn

For a long time, we’ve joked and speculated about the rumored Girls tour, but we’ve always been short on details. No longer, people.

According to a Daily News exclusive, On Location Tours, the people behind The Sopranos and the Sex and the City tours that shuttle herds of tourists to Magnolia Bakery and various parts of New Jersey, are working tirelessly to finalize a Girls tour in Brooklyn.

“[Brooklyn’s] so hot right now,” On Locations Tours President Georgette Blau told the Daily News. “I hope that hipsters would embrace it.”

The tour would hit up North Brooklyn and Manhattan locations like Hannah and Marnie’s India St. apartment, the Gawker offices on Elizabeth St., the warehouse featured in the infamous Bushwick party episode and, of course, Café Grumpy where Hannah gave Ray all lip and no work throughout season 2. But Central Brooklyn won’t escape unscathed, either: the tour will also include a stop at Prospect Height’s Weather Up because Hannah mentioned liking the bar in one episode. One episode. We’re all in this together.

If everything goes according to plan, a map could be finalized by summer with tours officially beginning this fall. Brace yourselves.

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