RIP Supercore: Williamsburg Loses a Longtime Favorite

Supercore closing

I try not to get too nostalgic for the many long-loved shops and restaurants that close seemingly every day now across New York, but I let out such a protracted “Whaaaat? Why?” upon learning of the closing of Bedford Avenue’s Supercore that the person standing behind me on line for coffee this morning took a step back. Which is exactly what the problem is with everyone! Ask me what’s wrong! Fucking learn something. This city, sometimes. I swear. And, also, I lied before. I always get super nostalgic for the places that I’ve been and loved. Because I’m human! Because we all are.

Via a lovely post on Gothamist by John Del Signore, Supercore served its last green tea latte on Saturday night, “signifying for some the end of a certain era: a brief period when, for a certain demographic, Williamsburg crackled with an electrifying creativity to a degree that’s long gone.”  As Del Signore notes, when Supercore opened in 2001 it seemed to be a sign of the neighborhood’s demise and was even called “almost too cool” by our sister publication the L Magazine. But in the intervening 12 years, as Williamsburg became home to place after place that could only be described as “too cool” (no almost about them), Supercore became notable for being resistant to the latest trends, a relaxed neighborhood spot that just so happened to churn out a mouthwatering beef curry. Perhaps the spot was once thought to be some sort of harbinger of hipster doom, but over the years it became a respite from all the new places designed to ride whatever culinary or aesthetic fad was trending. And it will be missed.

And if that’s not enough sad North Brooklyn news for you? Miniminimarket is also closing, although, unlike with Supercore, you still have a few days to stop by for the last time. This all-purpose shop (need an umbrella? a one-hitter? you could always head to Miniminimarket) opened on Bedford in 1999, and is having a massive going out of business sale starting today. So head on over, buy something if you want, and as you walk up Bedford, mouth a silent fuck you to all the big, ugly condos. Sure, it’s futile, but it will still feel good.

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