Tech: An App For Challenging Parking Tickets

An app for challenging parking tickets
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Yes, many of us don’t have cars in this city, but it’s not as if we didn’t have them in our former lives. Most of us have left good cars behind rather than deal with all the hassles of having a car in New York City. You know the ones: alternate side parking, high insurance rates (and uninsured drivers), gas prices, terrible roads and tickets. Oh, the tickets. One misstep and you owe the city $115 and your firstborn child.

Luckily, there are innovators looking out for us. We recently came across an app called Fixed on Laughing Squid that allows users to take a picture of a parking ticket, figure out how they’d like to contest it and then forward all that information to a legal advisor (note: not an actual lawyer) who will determine the user’s chance of beating the ticket and sticking it to the man. Of course, the service isn’t free. If the ticket challenge is successful, Fixed collects 25 percent of whatever the ticket amount would have cost the user (i.e. $115 ticket = $28.75 Fixed fee).

At the moment, Fixed is only available in San Francisco (and there’s a waiting list to use it there), but it will soon be available in other cities. We think it may just be the line of defense some people need to feel more comfortable about bringing their cars to the city.

We can taste the road trips already…

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