Brooklyn’s Hotel Boom, By The Numbers

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 12.29.29 PMThe rush to build hotels in suddenly-popular-with-tourists areas of Brooklyn isn’t what you’d call a secret, and it’s also not quite as terrifying a prospect as most other development projects you read about. The vast majority of neighborhoods here really could use better lodging options and if Airbnb is any indication, this works wonders for surrounding local businesses. Hence, we’re getting a ton of ’em.

The Commerical Observer crunched the numbers, and 2014 saw 22 hotel projects underway totaling 2,208 rooms, a significant jump from 2013, which had 14 and 1,370 in those categories, respectively.

They also seem to represent a pretty wide range of options—a couple Holiday Inns here and there; a “hotel and residences” project at Pier 1 in DUMBO; a “320,000-square-foot mixed-use commercial development” on Wythe that’ll include a 182-room hotel (uh, just what that area was clamoring for?).

So yes, lots of stuff underway here. One interesting thing to note, though? This construction might not entirely related to Brooklyn’s (relatively) new found desirability as a tourist destination. Horrendous weather rendered January a slow month industry-wide, and one Lodging Advisors executive explained, “Brooklyn hotels generally fill after those in Manhattan, so a citywide slowdown hits Brooklyn especially hard.”

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