Last-Minute Winter Getaways, The Skiing Edition
This could be you!!!

It is practically March, which is pretty much spring, which is basically summer. But alas, Old Man Winter hath continued to punish us with snow, and then some more snow, and then three iterations of #PolarVortexes. So even though there was that one weekend where it was like, 43 degrees and everyone decided shorts might be a good idea, Old Man Winter was like, “that is not a good look, get a hold of yourselves.” And he hath punished us further.

Disclaimer: I love winter. Every time it snows, even when it snows in May, and I have seen snow in May because I am from Vermont, I get obnoxiously happy. Even when you slip and fall on black ice and are like, “STOP SMILING, I AM ACTUALLY HURT. BE A FUCKING GOOD FRIEND,” I will continue to grin, albeit unconsciously, in the direction your bruised and bloody face.

So with that, here are some nearby winter getaways to help you get through everybody else’s least favorite season.


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