Inevitable “Record-Breaking” Home Sales Happening in Crown Heights

record breaking home sales in crown heights
It’s no secret that Crown Heights has been a hub of gentrification and rapidly-rising real estate prices for a while now, but on the off-chance you needed any further evidence, how about this onslaught of record-breaking home sales in the neighborhood?

 Brownstoner has an update on a four-unit brownstone that just closed in the neighborhood for $1.9 million (“a probable record”) and, more notably, a condo in the area that just went for $1.93 million after hitting the market for $1,750,000. Things are getting, um, pretty competitive out there!

So much that the record might not even last the week—there’s also a town house for sale on Dean Street for $2,195,000 that’s close to closing. Maybe time to earnestly consider that move to bargain-basement Manhattan.

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