Most People In Greenpoint Aren’t Using Condoms, Apparently

Everyone in Greenpoint is having unsafe sex

Frightening news for anyone who’s ever moseyed into, say, Manhattan Inn or Call Box Lounge on a Saturday night in hopes of getting laid: 85.8 percent of Greenpoint residents polled in a just-released Department of Health survey from 2012 hadn’t bothered to use a condom the last time they’d had sex. Well, um, points for honesty?

The neighborhood had New York’s highest ratio of non-condom-users, but city-wide, the numbers aren’t much different; 68.2 percent of New Yorkers overall said they hadn’t used condoms in their most recent sexual encounter. In Williamsburg/Bushwick the number was 70.8 percent; in Coney Island, 75.2 percent; and in Bed-Stuy/Crown Heights, a relatively low 60 percent.

Of course, this doesn’t mean everyone in these neighborhood is just running around willy nilly having unprotected casual sex and spreading STIs—the numbers don’t specify how many respondents were in monogamous relationships, and the most recent time a person’s had sex isn’t necessarily indicative of their overall sexual history. Still, this number seems a bit high, no? We’ll spare you the sex ed talk, but be safe out there. You won’t regret it.

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