Careful, There’s “Stray Voltage” Floating Around Ditmas Park

stray voltage in Ditmas Park
Not winter.

If your commute home happens to take you in the vicinity of Ditmas Park, watch where you step: the neighborhood is reportedly having issues with “stray voltage,” the same post-storm electrical problem that shut down parts of Chelsea earlier this week.

Ditmas Park Corner reports that after problems yesterday on Rugby Road, Con Ed is now working on Argyle between Avenue H and Glenwood, and that several dogs were shocked on a stretch of 5th Ave. in South Slope earlier this week. This type of thing is apparently pretty common when large amounts of snow are melting all over our infrastructure, and everyone (pets included) is advised to steer clear of “manhole covers, sewer caps, metal gratings, Con Edison repair locations, as well as overhead scaffolding at construction sites.”

Also, give a wide berth to Con Ed cars with cones on top, as they’re likely parked near “an electrified object or structure.” As good a Frdiay night as any not to leave the house, yes?

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