Radegast Owners Will Open A Flemish Gastro-Brasserie

Flemish gastro-brasserie coming to Williamsburg from Radegast owners

Good news, everyone! Williamsburg will soon be home to a Flemish (a.k.a. Belgian-Dutch) gastro-brasserie from Ivan and Joanna Kohut, the husband-and-wife duo behind the neighborhood’s much-beloved Radegast Hall & Biergarten. According to Grubstreet, the couple have leased a sizable 1,500 square foot space at 292 Bedford Avenue where Radegast executive chef Eric Francou will finally be able to “spread his wings.”

Before joining Radegast in 2011, Francou worked at a number of Michelin star restaurants in Europe including the famed Bruneau in Brussels and knows the country’s cuisine backwards and forwards. At the currently nameless eatery, Francou hopes to serve “Belgian food with an eclectic twist” and given Belgium’s marked diversity you can expect to see dishes rooted in the German and French food cultures as well as in Dutch cuisine. And don’t worry: there will be beer. Lots of beer. But unlike Radegast, the restaurant will also concentrate on providing a carefully-curated list of wines and cocktails.

If things go according to plan (which is actually a lot to ask for in New York City), then the restaurant should open by the end of May and just in time for the warm weather and good times that have made Radegast such a hit. It will be about a 15-minute walk from the JMZ Marcy Ave. stop, a 6-minute trek from the Bedford Ave. stop and 5 minutes away from the beer hall that started it all.

We’ll keep you updated as more details come in.

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