This Is Your Last Weekend To Get Brunch at Egg Before It Moves

Photo via Guest of a Guest
Photo via Guest of a Guest

Per their previously announced plans to move to a new location right around the corner on 109 North 3rd St., this weekend marks the last opportunity to get brunch at Egg’s longtime home on North 5th St.

An announcement on their website explained that they’ll remain open over the long weekend, but’ll be all set up in their new home come Wednesday:

February 19th, we’re moving down the street to a new home on North 3rd Street. We’ll have a little more room, a little less waiting; more sunlight, fewer invasions of personal space.

We’ve got one more great weekend in our old home on North 5th Street: thumb your nose at winter and come out for a great last breakfast this holiday weekend.

Then join us on Wednesday around the corner on North 3rd Street!

Seems like the bigger space’ll be a nice change for the notoriously packed spot, but if you’re game to wait in line once more for old times’ sake, we wouldn’t blame you.

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