The Greenpoint Passenger Ramp For The East River Ferry Has Collapsed Into The Water

east river ferry passenger ramp has collapsed
Photo via David Dymmel/Twitter

Well, here’s a scary new storm story: the passenger ramp to the East River Ferry in Greenpoint collapsed this morning, shortly after transporting a bunch of passengers over the icy water. Per the Daily News: “Commuters had crossed the gangway about 9 a.m. at the East River Ferry service’s Greenpoint terminal when the ramp detached and dropped into the river.” Aaaah!

Ferry Service is still running at all other docking stations, but earlier this morning, the Ferry tweeted the following:

They also issued a statement, saying, “East River Ferry service to and from the Greenpoint Pier is suspended until further notice as we continue to assess the cause of a gangway that detached this morning. A team of engineers will be sent to investigate the cause and repairs will be made as soon as possible.”

We trust they’ll get it all sorted out, but there you have it: a New York nightmare scenario, come to life. Next thing you know all the grates I have to convince myself to walk over will start collapsing, too. Anyway, as if any further incentive was needed: stay home today if at all possible. Just. Stay. Home.

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  1. Shutdown the entire system until a safety inspection can be made. At least do a safety inspection. Welcome to third world New York City with sh$t infrastructure, Internet, (no IT business can compete) and a ridiculous seperation of wealth.


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