De Blasio Wants to Raise NYC’s Minimum Wage, Cuomo Being Totally Uncool About It

Bill De Blasio Wants to Raise the Minimum Wage
How can you say no to that face?

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s first State of the City address on Monday contained big promises for low-income New Yorkers, including a statement that he’d request permission from the State to raise the city’s minimum wage (it is currently $8, and will increase to $8.75 at the end of this year), as well as tax hikes on residents making over $500,000 per year to pay for universal pre-K and a plan to provide ID cards to U.S. immigrants that would serve as proper documentation.

But Governor Cuomo, who is not the best of bros with De Blasio, says that allowing cities to set their own minimum wages would create “a chaotic situation,” to which De Blasio’s spokeswoman, Marti Adams responded: “Just as the federal government allows states to set their own minimum wage—with surprisingly little chaos—we’d like to believe that there is a path forward here that recognizing the unique crisis working families are facing in New York.”

Exactly. Because in Oneonta, NY, there are no such things as $3 million parking spots or apartments that cost more than the average private island. It’s time the city’s minimum wage reflected its extravagance.

(h/t New York Times)


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