Clothes For The Fight Against Public Transit Germ Warfare

Clothes For The Fight Against Public Transit Germ Warfare
Image via gravitytank

Winter tends to be a better time for the germaphobe in all of us. Grabbing a pole in the subway is not half as bad when you can do it with a glove’d hand. But then you get to thinking about just how much you don’t wash your gloves and how germs multiply at a rapid pace and how you can’t afford to use another sick day this early in the year it all becomes a bit overwhelming. It’s  enough to make you wish you were in Japan where people are courteous enough to wear medical masks when they feel a bug coming on but that would never fly here.

Luckily, there are amazing people out there discovering new ways to survive the germy minefield that is public transit. Today, Atlantic Cities was kind enough to introduce us to Straphanger, a clothing line created to reduce the spread of harmful germs on public transit lines. Designed by the big thinkers at gravitytank, the line consists of clothing and accessories made of antimicrobial materials including a sneeze-safe elbow patch, an aerated face mask, a high-collared jacket with hidden gloves for gripping poles when you can’t avoid it and a sweet no-touch backpack. All of it is just a small part of gravitytank’s Project Transfer, a grand scheme to make public transit a safer place for everyone.

Before you get all excited, though, it should be noted that the entire project is conceptual at this point BUT if you have any wealthy friends with fashion world connections, tell them about this and maybe we can get the clothing line on shelves by next winter when the war begins all over again.

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