Here’s The Cover And Release Date For Lena Dunham’s New Book

Lena Dunham's new book gets a cover and release date
Image: Fortune Live Media

Every day, Lena Dunham’s real life shares less and less with the life of Hannah Horvath. Lena’s dating a dude from a really successful band. Hannah is dating a sometimes-employed well of discontent. Lena has appeared on the cover of Vogue. Hannah got kicked out of a funeral. Lena has a highly-anticipated book coming out. Hannah’s book is tied up in a binding legal contract and a release date seems unlikely (at least this season). 

Today we got our first glimpse of Dunham’s new book, Not That Kind of Girl, which will officially drop on October 7, 2014 and undoubtedly become the Bible of all non-religious 20-something women in English-speaking countries everywhere.

Dunham kept the announcement pretty simple: she ‘grammed a presumably Pic-stitched photo of the book alongside another photo of her happily cuddling said book, which is subtitled, “A young woman tells you what she’s “learned.””  From what we can tell, the book cover is surprisingly simple considering how effing big it’s going to be. Dunham’s beautiful face isn’t even on it! That just tells you how household-y her name has become.

So, there you go. October 7. Brace yourselves, America.

It's official. Coming 10/7/14.

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