The 10 Best Lunch Options In DUMBO


This roasted broccoli and ricotta salata sandwich from No. 7 sub is one of our favorite DUMBO lunch options.
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In the same way that all New Yorkers love to complain about their subway commutes (the F train is fucked uagain, why does everything always happen to mmeeeeee), just about everyone who works in DUMBO loves to complain about the lack of lunch options in the neighborhood. Oh, sure, some people (including our own Henry Stewart, who, as a vegan, would seem to have even less options than most) have mounted defenses, citing the abundance of food trucks and variety of choices at local stalwart Peas & Pickles, but that still hasn’t stopped people from complaining about the lunch options. Is part of this because we’re a borough of kvetchers? Sure, probably. But I’d like to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume that they just don’t know that there are better things out there than the refrigerated sushi at Forager’s, which, sure, is good in a pinch, but isn’t all that’s out there. Not even close! Here are the top ten lunch options in DUMBO—none of them food trucks, because reliability and not having to wait outside in the freezing cold is key—so that you never need to resort to eating a bag of potato chips at your desk (or, worse, bring food from home!) again.


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