Brooklyn, The Booze Delivery Service Of Your Dreams Has Arrived

Remember Webvan? They were a food delivery service that tried to operate outside New York City/major metropolises and failed spectacularly at it. If you’re going to set up a delivery service, you have to choose a customer base that’s too lazy to do things themselves, which is why at this point you can get almost anything delivered to you in New York City. But only as of yesterday did the city truly become a delivery Nirvana. It is now possible to get our booze on-demand.

Say hello to Minibar, Brooklyn (and Manhattan). Minibar is an app that allows users to have wine and liquor delivered–for free!–to their doorstep within one hour of ordering. Your choices (which don’t yet include beer) will differ from neighborhood to neighborhood because Minibar only delivers booze that’s available at your local liquor stores, but given the fact that most liquor stores have the basics that shouldn’t be a problem. Upon delivery, users will be asked for ID and if you’re underage or don’t have proof of age they’ll punish you with a $20 restocking fee…and you won’t get your booze either.

According to the New York Observer, delivery for most Manhattan neighborhoods starts at 10 a.m. while we in Brooklyn continue to get the short end of the stick–delivery doesn’t kick off until 2 p.m. (even in Park Slope).

The app is free to download on iTunes.

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