Sponsored: Heineken Reveals How Every Man Can Be Legendary

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Having what it takes to live in Brooklyn really hinges on how unique you are. It’s more of a status symbol to carry around your latest self-published literary journal or talk about the banjo lessons you’re taking on the sly than it is to, say, buy an expensive watch or drive around with the top of your sports car rolled down. It’s also a factor in the real estate market. There’s a reason many Brooklynites pride ourselves on pioneering spirit by moving into up-and-coming neighborhoods and shying away from the overly-popular, brownstone laden blocks! But there is one thing that all Brooklynites can get behind: having a well-deserved beer.

Heineken’s latest advertisement highlights the unique traits of all Heineken drinkers by featuring 20 non-actors showing off their special skills. From bird-calling to tap-dancing to bottle-sliding, Heineken drinkers are a real symbol of originality, proving that every man can be legendary. Watch the video after the jump:

But let’s be honest, we can morph into the jaded New Yorker stereotype on occasion. All these cruise ship hijinks are pretty unbelievable, especaially while we’re wrapped up in a world of polar vortexes and parkas. So for those of you wondering just whether the talents of Heineken’s legion of men were “enhanced,” Heineken’s also released videos featuring snippets of the casting tapes for each of the “legendary” cast members. Watch it below:

So watch the video of our bearded hero romping in a polar vortex-less cruise ship showing off every kill he has to offer. And believe!


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