Patrick Stewart Might Be the Only New Yorker Who Likes Subway Breakdancers

Patrick Stewart has weird tastes in subway performers.

New York magazine’s feature “21 Questions” is one of the best ways to find out whether or not a New York celebrity deserves your affection or not. Some celebrities acquit themselves well, and others fall prey to a common trap and try too hard to be witty. And yet others still? Well, they’re just terrible in every single way.

But so, we were REALLY excited to see that the latest subject is Park Slope’s own Patrick Stewart, especially because the question list has been slightly revamped and we no longer need to hear people’s opinions on Donald Trump or how much is too much to spend on a haircut (this was an especially good question to lose for Stewart because, well, the man has one of the most beautiful bare domes we’ve ever seen). We couldn’t wait to learn, though, what Stewart’s favorite medication is and where he goes to be alone (not that we’d ever bother him, but maybe we would) and whatever other surprising facts about one of our favorite thespians might be on offer.

And learn we did! We learned that Stewart doesn’t like any medication, his alone time takes place in his dressing room at the Cort Theatre, he’s a fan of Mayor de Blasio, he shops at the new Gowanus Whole Foods, and that Ian McKellan throws after-after-parties at his apartment that last into the wee hours of the night. And if anyone has any method of getting into one of those parties, please email me ASAP. All in all, Stewart came off well…like the charming, witty New York-transplant that we all know and love.

But! One piece of information was startling, and that was Stewart’s love for subway B-Boys. I have yet to meet one other New Yorker who doesn’t immediately get chills when the subway doors close and a voice ominously announces “It’s showtime!” Patrick Stewart, however, says that seeing “four guys dancing brilliantly in the space between the doors” is his best/craziest subway experience. Patrick Stewart is a better, more generous person than we are. And, yeah, we kind of knew that already, but this is just further, irrefutable proof. One last fun fact? Stewart lists his age as “timeless.” Which, yes. Yes, you are, Sir Patrick. Hope to see you in Whole Foods sometime soon.

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