The Prospect Park Zoo Has Baby Marmoset Twins and We’re Pretty Excited

pretty cute, right? right
pretty cute, right? right

We’re not the sort to just randomly post photos of cute baby animals. We have better things to do/write about. Like the snow! But, as Daniel Stedman (founder of Northside Media Group), pointed out to us just now, “Any reason to post photos of marmoset twins is a good one.”

The Wildlife Conservation Society’s Prospect Park Zoo released the above photograph today, debuting its two newest residents. These Geoffroy’s marmosets (Callithrix geoffroyi) were born in November and are the children of first-time marmoset parents Gordon and Xing. The family of four is now on display in the Animals In Our Lives building, so go on over to the zoo and let these little guys, uh, be the animals in your lives today. And while you’re in the neighborhood, go get some oxtail from The Islands because it’s DELICIOUS. And this has been your cute animal and oxtail update of the day!

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