De Blasio Is Rooting For the Seahawks, “Sorry” You Can’t Buy Weed At The Bodega

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From his interview on Hot 97 this morning, we’ve learned a couple important things about Mayor De Blasio of which we were previously unaware. The first, and most important of which, is that when it comes to this weekend’s Super Bowl, he’s a steadfast Hawksman. Normally a Patriots fan, he explained, “I love what Seattle does. I love what they do. So I respect Denver, I respect Peyton, but I like Seattle.” Good, great, perfect. He also said something about legalized weed that we could take totally out of context if we so chose.

In response to one of the hosts asking, “Will I ever be able to go to the bodega and get me some herb?” De Blasio responded, “I don’t think that’s happening anytime soon. We can move on the other fronts. I’m sorry I’ve let you down.”

Sorry? He’s “sorry” about New York’s backwards marijuana policy? What a promising sign! Or just a sign that the mayor’s willing to get a little salty with the DJs on Hot 97, but still. If he’s such a big Seattle fan, he’ll come around eventually. Glad to have you on the team, Bill.

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