Brooklyn Super Bowl Snacks: A Primer

Just like what the athletes eat!
Just like what the athletes eat!

This happens to be a year in which I have a real personal investment in the outcome of the Super Bowl—and hope you’re all aware that in addition to Bill de Blasio, the Seahawks now have the blessing and good tidings of Eli, the uncannily accurate Super Bowl-predicting ape—but most of the time, the biggest reason to even bother watching this thing is for the snacks.

It’s the single biggest American eating holiday (even the 4th of July comes in second here), and a worthy occasion to go all-out. So, are you just going to grab a six pack of Bud Light Platinum and some Hint of Lime chips at the deli on the way to your friend’s place, or are you going to do this right, and use the day as an excuse to try all the upgraded Brooklyn snacks you usually stop yourself from impulse buying? That’s what we thought. And we’ve got a few ideas to get you started.


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