Did Somebody Lose Their Bag of Snakes?

Not a baby.
Not a baby.

We’re only gonna ask this once. So um, do you remember leaving your snakes anywhere?

Maybe outside an Autobody shop in Boerum Hill yesterday morning? See if this jogs your memory:

Police showed up to Finest Towing and Autobody Inc. on Baltic Street in Boerum Hill around 10:30 a.m. after one of the workers spotted the green bag moving and thought a baby may have been inside, cops said.

But when officers from the NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit opened the pouch, they found the trio of “large’’ serpents trying to get out.

“The snakes were in excess of 4 feet long,” said a source. “The person who called it in apparently thought it was an abandoned baby.”

Last call for these guys, Animal Control has ’em now. But surely this is all just one big misunderstanding? No one lucky enough to have a bag of four-foot boa constrictors would ever try to get rid of something like that. Just wouldn’t happen.

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