Dumont and Dumont Burger Have Parted Ways


An unexpected development from Dumont, which just a couple weeks ago we learned was temporarily closed for some standard-issue renovations: the owners of Dumont and Dumont Burger have reportedly parted ways, and none too harmoniously.

In an interview with Eater, Kristina Greene, wife of the restaurants’ tragically deceased founder Colin Devlin, explained, “Three of the partners at Dumont Burger pushed me out by sending me an email on Christmas Day and then ‘voted’ me out at the first ever shareholder’s meeting held on December 30.” She added that Dumont and Dumont Burger are “no longer in the same ‘family.'”

Sounds touchy, to say the least, but Dumont’s still slated to open back up soon. We’re looking forward to grabbing some dinner or brunch there once it does, and wish Greene and her family nothing but the best.

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