Life (Or Real Estate) Imitates Art: Zosia Mamet Bought a Place in Bushwick

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So, this was probably inevitable, both as a natural extension of her work on Girls, and a harbinger of more celebrities and million-dollar houses in Bushwick yet to come. But, here we are: the Daily Mail reports that Zosia Mamet and her boyfriend have purchased a $1.037 million, three-story building near the Morgan L stop.

Per the Corcoran photos below (and per general real estate trends in the neighborhood), it doesn’t look especially high quality or in any way worth $1 million, but Mamet and her boyfriend are reportedly in the process of renovating (it was formerly divided into three separate apartments), so we’ll have to wait and see how this turns out. Surely she’ll have an open house for the neighborhood once this is all done?

Photo via Corcoran Photo via Corcoran

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