ChocoChicken: Yes, That’s Right. Chocolate and Chicken, Together.

Just add chocolate?
Just add chocolate?

Brooklyn may not be the birthplace of every new food trend or quirky restaurant concept, but they sure do have a way of finding themselves here sooner or later. And since Williamsburg will soon boast an outpost of Adam Fleischman’s L.A. sensation, Umami Burger, selling patties designed to showcase Japan’s elusive fifth taste (slicked with truffle glaze, shellacked with truffle cheese, squiggled with ‘umami’ ketchup, and crowned with shitake mushrooms, cippolini onions, and rounds of roasted tomato), we’re predicting it’s only a matter of time before his newest franchise pops up somewhere along North 6th St.

We’ve seen a glimpse of our future, people, and our future is fried chicken. And that chicken will be covered in chocolate.

No, it’s not some sort of misguided Valentine’s Day promotion, but the thrust of an actual business; the canny restaurateur plans on debuting ChocoChicken in the Los Angeles area sometime in March. And we’re not talking anything as nuanced as mole, but full-on melted chocolate infused in the poultry’s actual batter, which Fleischman affirms has “the crack factor” he looks for in restaurant brands.

There will be biscuits, side dishes and sauces, beer, wine and specialty cocktails as well, but did you hear us the first time? Also chicken dipped in chocolate. Almost makes you long for the days when “innovation” in fast- casual dining was baking cheese right into the crust.





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