Takeout Touchdown—Top Brooklyn Spots for Ordering Superbowl Grub to Go


It really doesn’t matter whether you’re actively aware of who’s participating in (and personally invested in the outcome of) Super Bowl XLVII, or are just in it for the deliciously campy halftime show and heartwarming Budweiser commercials (love that Clydesdale!) Because when it comes right down to it, the game day experience is largely dependent on the quality of your assembled snacks. And while we too have succumbed to the questionable allure of TGI Friday’s jalapeno poppers from the frozen foods aisle, Brooklyn is jam packed with restaurants offering celebratory spreads of wood-smoked chicken wings, sriracha sauce-topped nachos and 6-foot subs stuffed with BBQ potato chips, cold meatloaf and marinara. So in anticipation of Super Bowl Sunday, we strongly suggest abandoning those bags of lime-flavored Tostitos and packages of mini cocktail franks, and just picking up the phone instead.


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