It’s Official: You Should Leave Your Office And Get Home While You Can

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No, this is not hyperbole, or a cry for help, or a not-especially-subtle hint to our bosses that we’d like this four day week to get even shorter. It’s the official decree of the MTA, which is now encouraging us all to leave work and get back home as quickly as possible. The full statement below:

The MTA urges customers to leave work early today and finish traveling early tonight, especially those who use Metro-North Railroad and Long Island Rail Road. The storm has arrived earlier than predicted, bringing higher snow accumulation and stronger wind gusts, raising the prospect of snow drifts of up to two feet. Service on railroads, subways and buses can be curtailed or suspended entirely or on a route-by-route basis depending on snowfall accumulation. If you do not need to travel tonight, we urge you not to. If you must travel, monitor Service Status on this page for the most up-to-date information.

In other words, it’s serious out there. Leave as soon as you can, grab some hot cocoa, whiskey, and snacks to tide you over, and consider building a blanket fort. If ever there were a time to do it, this would be it.

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