Put A Fork In It

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After many, manymany updates on the situation, today we learn that the fork Bill de Blasio so infamously used to eat his pizza last week is being auctioned off to a charity TBD by the owner of Goodfella’s Pizzeria.

“I just did it because I thought it was funny,” Goodfella’s owner Marc Cosentino said. “Then all of a sudden it got all this interest, so I thought let’s do something, let’s do something for charity.” Which is a totally nice use of the PR, and we of course support it unreservedly. But, uh, while we’re here, can this also be the line in the sand we draw for never, ever having to hear about this again? A single pizza faux pas does not a full week worth of jokes sustain. I mean, we’re still staunch on the correct technique for pizza-eating, but the case on that is sorta closed. Maybe let’s all go eat a slice of pizza the right way just to prove that we can, and put the whole thing to bed?

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