The Daily News Sent Someone To Colorado Just To Try The Weed

Not the reporter. (Photo via Seattle Times/ Alan Berner)
Not the reporter. (Photo via Seattle Times/ Alan Berner)

As news organizations do, the Daily News recently sent a reporter on an investigative mission to Colorado to check out this whole legalized marijuana thing. It went just about as well as you’d expect it to, which is to say, very.

“The whole transaction felt more like ordering a sandwich at a deli counter than buying black market narcotics,” Justin Rocket Silverman writes. “In fact, the customer service was much better at the marijuana shop than at my corner deli in Greenpoint.” The weed was higher quality, the process highly organized, the author satisfactorily stoned. Not the hardest hitting piece we’ve read on the subject, but seemingly a very nice time for everyone involved.

Unclear if this is a tacit endorsement for New York legalization on the part of the Daily News—we’d like to think that it is—but regardless, felt like an opportune moment to publicly inquire about our employer’s investigative travel budget.

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