Pok Pok And Mission Chinese Both Have Their Own Special Beers Now

These would be a lot better washed down with custom beer, you know.
These would be a lot better  paired with custom beer, you know.

This is a statement we could conceivably come to regret, but for now, we’ll wholeheartedly endorse a future in which restaurant-brewery collaborations supersede hybrid foods as a ubiquitous food world trend. With that in mind, this news that both Pok Pok and Mission Chinese now have their own customized brews is incredibly welcome.

Just a couple of weeks after Pok Pok announced The Darkness, a collaboration with Evil Twin comes news that Mission Chinese has worked with Mikkeller on a Sichuan peppercorn-infused pilsner. As the Braiser points out, this  also comes on the heels of a few other chef-brewery pairings—Thomas Keller put out a brew with Brooklyn Brewery, and Morimoto did a custom job with Rogue Ales—so this whole thing does actually seem to be picking up some steam as a burgeoning “thing” in the food and beer worlds. Equally ideal for trainspotter-y connoisseurs and anyone who’s just in the market for an especially good way to wash down a plate of wings.

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