A New Jeffrey Deitch Gallery In Red Hook? Maybe.

Jeffrey Deitch – Photo via The New York Times

Galleries and artists tend to lead the way when it comes to claiming new ground in up-and-coming neighborhoods. There was SoHo, then Chelsea, then Williamsburg and then Bushwick. And according to New York Magazine, Red Hook may be next. The semi-isolated neighborhood is a possible site for an exciting new gallery from former Museum of Contemporary Art director Jeffrey Deitch, who resigned from his post last July, feeling that he didn’t quite fit in with the museum’s “more ecclesiastical” aesthetic.

Deitch is an art world maven who since founding his first gallery in 1972 has been at the cutting edge of contemporary art. He was a close friend and early patron of Jean-Michel Basquiat, represented Jeff Koons and Keith Haring and played a huge role in introducing New York City to the world of street art.

He’s also well-known for his beliefs “in the dance floor as a cultural teakettle” and if Deitch were to choose Red Hook as the site of his new gallery, there will no doubt be an explosion of energy and novelty in the neighborhood. But, as always, there are more practical issues to face first such as Red Hook’s accessibility (or lack thereof) and paying to make it more accessible. Deitch is considering water taxis.

“I want something big and fresh,” Deitch tells New York. “I do want a space that I can control.”

Whatever happens, it seems that Deitch wants to be close to the water as he’s also considering space along the Hudson River. Here’s hoping he opts for Brooklyn, but even if the borough loses out–the city wins. One of our favorite sons is returning.

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