A Hybrid Food We Can Truly Get Behind

Photo via Stew Leonard’s/Facebook

Normally, talk of overwrought, over-hyped hybrid food is enough to make you want to burn down the entire city and ride off into the smoke-filled sunset, never to return. But then, today is not a normal day. Today is the day we learned, via Gothamist, of a combination bagel-slash-croissant, known as—say it with us now—the Crogel.

This carby, buttery disc of artfully layered dough comes to us via Stew Leonard’s, a beloved Norwalk business that bills itself as a a “grocery store, amusement park, and ice cream parlor.” They explain in announcement on their Facebook page, “Our Norwalk bakery is trying something new: Crogels! We shape croissant dough into the size of a bagel, then kettle boil and hearth baked it. Crispy on the outside..buttery and flaky inside!”

They have yet to open any New York locations, but this seems well worth a train ride to Connecticut (or the short wait until someone in Brooklyn comes up with a knockoff). This is a wonderful, wonderful thing they’ve done.

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