Do We Really Need An Entire Issue of Vogue Devoted To Girls?

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I guess the more pertinent question would be if we really “need” any issue of Vogue to begin with, but seems like we all gave up on that one a while ago. So, working with what we have, Page Six reports that not only has Lena Dunham ” broken through Vogue’s glossy ceiling” to be featured on the February cover of the magazine, but that Anna Wintour will also be devoting the whole issue to the Girls.

Overall, it’s a good thing—it’s unquestionably a nice change of pace to have a professional writer, and one with an even vaguely non-traditional “look” on the cover of a fashion magazine. But it’s also a little hard to imagine how, exactly, the magazine plans on doing wall-to-wall coverage of a show with a relatively small audience that’s theoretically (very theoretically) about and for a demographic outside of its usual reach—that is, broke young people who live in Brooklyn. Maybe a little silly to feign any kind of pearl-clutching shock that a place like Vogue wants a piece of anything with such a rabid following, but that doesn’t mean we can’t eagerly await whatever embarrassing thing they inevitably write about Cafe Grumpy.

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