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The way we see it, not all of your commitment to health in the new year has to revolve around careful eating and expensive exercise classes. No, some of it should be all about pampering yourself, and maybe sweating out a few of your 2013 toxins, while you’re at it. So, from massages to steam rooms to aroma therapy facials, here are some of the best treatments the borough has to offer, to treat yourself well both inside and out.

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Steam and Venik Massage at Mermaid Spa, $40 admission

We like any excuse to head to a classic Russian spa, and with its saunas, cold pools, and traditional venik massage—which incorporates a bundle of branches and leaves—Sea Gate’s Mermaid Spa is the perfect place to slough off and sweat out the ravages of the previous year.

Green Stone Massage at Green Stone Spa, $110-$155

It’s hard to argue with anything as comprehensive as Green Stone’s signature massage, which incorporates techniques of swedish, deep tissue, myofacial, trigger point, hot stone, and active release therapy massage. If you’re in the market, though, they also offer pre- and post-natal massage options (and accept insurance, if you’ve got a plan that’ll cover it).

Hydrotherapy at Body By Brooklyn, $45 day pass

This luxe Clinton Hill spa offers up an excellent array of treatments like facials and massages, but the biggest reason to go is for their “wet lounge,” comprised of a Swedish Sauna, Russian Sauna, Turkish Bath, hot Tub, Cold Plunge Pool, and “Power Showers.” They’ve got a guide explaining how best to utilize them all for purposes like detoxification, energy restoration, and perhaps most importantly, hangover relief. They’ve also got a bar, for a slightly more common form of hangover relief.

Center Yourself Body Scrub at Green Spa, $165

This treatment—which incorporates vegan body exfoliation—runs the gamut of good things you can do for yourself, from detoxing to sun damage reduction to the balance of one’s chakras. It’ll also replenish your body of vitamins, and is helpful for acne. Really, we’re running out of reasons not to do it.

Lymphatic Body Brushing at Brooklyn Herborium, $155

It’s pretty well-established that lymphatic brushing comes with all kinds of health benefits, and gives a major boost to the immune system. It’s particularly good for circulation if, like so many of us, you happen to spend all day hunched over a desk. At Brooklyn Herborium’s treatment, you’ll also be given a brush and shown how to do your own brushing at home.


Renewal Facial at D’Mai, $250

There are many stellar options at this Park Slope favorite, but maybe the best (and most universally helpful) is their renewal facial, which uses microdermabrasion and a Green Tea Acid Peel to clear up and freshen the complexion, followed by a luxurious moisturizing mask.


Aroma Therapy Facial at Aroma Day Spa, $90

For something gentler (and incredible-smelling), Aroma Day Spa’s signature facial focuses on balancing the skin using soothing essential oils.

Hot Stone Pedicure at Concept Day Spa, $125 

Just about the most wonderfully elaborate pedicure we’ve ever heard of, this one incorporates scrubs, a hydrating foot masque, paraffin, reflexology, and hot stones, all of which will be a welcome relief to feet that’ve been tromping around the city in heavy winter boots.


Ear Candling With Face Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Pure Qi Spa, $40

Not necessarily the most glamorous treatment on the list, but an excellent way to clear out all the wax and other things you don’t want to think about that build up in the ear canal, and reduce headaches, ear infections, and even problems with TMJ.

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