An Awfully Big Storm’s A-Brewin’

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 10.42.06 AM

Back in the office today? Full of resolve, ready for a bustling, productive start to the new year? Well, buy a bunch of groceries and head back home: our “biggest storm of the season” is slated to hit New York today, dumping around nine inches of snow and blizzard conditions on the city.

 Governor Cuomo has already said “we are looking at a very serious storm situation,” and Mayor (!) de Blasio has put the sanitation department on “snow alert” and has said he’s prepared to bring on extra workers as needed. Whiteout conditions are expected and things are supposed to be at their worst right around the time people are heading home from work today.

A small silver lining? Meteorologists have predicted the onslaught will be “relatively dry, powdery snow with an added ‘fluff factor,'” which is a fun new weather term to know about (and at least a little better than wet slush). Grab your favorite snacks and beer, and do everything in your power not to have to leave the house tonight or tomorrow.

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