Phish Concert Spurs Almost 60 Arrests at Madison Square Garden

A representative sample.
A representative sample.

From the weekend, DNAinfo brings us an entertaining (if not altogether surprising) report that that nearly 60 Phish fans were arrested outside the band’s Saturday show at Madison Square Garden, “much more than usual” for an event at the venue.

“As you can imagine, there are a lot of intoxicated people and a fairly high number of ejections at Phish concerts and a number of disorderly people who are intoxicated outside,” a source told the site. It’s all standard enough, until this incredible paragraph of background information:

“Police at recent Phish concerts in Atlantic City arrested 42 people on charges ranging from drug distribution and possession, to imitation drug sales and prostitution. MDMA, psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, pills, 51 nitrous oxide tanks, and marijuana in both dried-leaf as well as brownie or cookie form were confiscated at the Oct.31 and Nov.1 shows, the Press of Atlantic City reported.”

51 nitrous oxide tanks!! Granted, that was in Atlantic City (no word on the nitrous situation at MSG), but still… impressive. Regardless, Brooklyn resident Evan Marx set the record straight, telling the site, “There’s nothing safer than a Phish show and no where else I’d rather be.” Another attendee clarified, “It’s a Phish show, there are a lot of drugs.”

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