Paulie Gee’s Is Expanding Across the U.S.

Photo via Serious Eats/Nick Solares
Photo via Serious Eats/Nick Solares

Some good news for Greenpoint’s most beloved pizza joint, and anyone on the west coast who was hoping to devour a Brian De Parma without blowing a month’s rent on airfare: owner Paulie Giannone has announced plans to expand the restaurant to locations all over the country, starting with a new outpost in Baltimore.

Giannone also has plans in the works for locations in Chicago, Oakland, Portland, L.A., Las Vegas, Columbus, and Long Island, Eater reports, and will open each new branch with the help of a different business partner in each city. Some of his collaborators are experienced restaurateurs, and others, like anonymous blogger Pizzablogger, are new to the industry. “It’s about passion,” Giannone told the site. “I was able to make my restaurant without any prior knowledge in the restaurant world. I don’t limit myself to the restaurant world.” Each location will also use the same model of wood-fired oven used in the original Greenpoint location.

There’s also talk of a branch in Philly, but given the 3rd Ward fiasco and the city’s apparent disinterest in all things Brooklyn-branded, maybe best to leave that be for a while? Regardless, can’t exactly begrudge the nationwide spread of quality pizza.

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