The Top 10 Most Popular Stories on Brooklyn Magazine in 2013

The world isn't ending, but 2013 sure is.
The world isn’t ending, but 2013 sure is.

Here we are at the end of the year, and I’ll be damned if I can recall anything that happened more than three weeks ago. Luckily, the Internet remembers everything, so I had no trouble assembling this list of our top ten most-read pieces of the year. It’s an eclectic mix, I must admit, but I feel like I learned a little bit more about what you, our readers, are really interested in. And somewhat surprisingly, no! It’s not just food that looks like a vagina.

Cool Bushwick band, right? WRONG. IT'S IN BAY RIDGE.
Cool Bushwick band, right? WRONG. IT’S IN BAY RIDGE.

#10: The Hipster Invasion Is Real, and It’s Coming!

Something we learned this year is that when you put the word “hipster” into a headline, everyone wants to read the story! Because everyone hates loves hipsters! Actually, what the popularity of this article proves is that everyone hates loves Henry Stewart, because not only was it one of our most read posts of the year, it was also one of our most commented on. And commenters really, really do not get Stewart’s sense of humor. Too bad for them. He’s very funny.

Bryan Pace c/o
Bryan Pace c/o

#9: The 5 Stupidest Things In the Hipster Home

Remember what I just said about putting the word “hipster” in a headline? Pageview gold. But also, this post is a long overdue diatribe against the design clichés that are permeating Brooklyn apartments. Please, people. Stop with the inspirational text posters! You’re better than that.


#8: 5 Places Where You Can Still Get Naked This Summer

When I got word last spring that one of New York’s most beloved, nude-friendly beaches would no longer be nude-friendly, I panicked! Well, I didn’t so much panic as compile a list of other places to go to get naked in the summer. A list, as it turned out, that many of you found helpful as well. Here’s to next summer, you guys, and lots of nudity!


#7: And the 5 Fastest Growing Neighborhoods In Brooklyn Are…

What do people like to read about more than hipsters? Real estate! And so this article about the Brooklyn neighborhoods experiencing the most rapid growth was wildly popular with our readers. Still curious about what ‘hood clocked in at number one? Hint: It rhymes with Schmed-Schmuy.

Bannerman Castle via flickr
Bannerman Castle via flickr

#6: 5 Abandoned New York Structures You’re Actually Still Allowed to Visit

Perhaps because it seems like there’s no corner of New York that hasn’t been developed, people went crazy over this abandoned structures list. No matter the reason,Virginia Smith takes a look at the fascinating historical places in New York that have maintained their structural integrity…meaning that a bit of our past is preserved for our future.


#5: Free UberX Car Rides For Everyone In Brooklyn This Weekend

There’s no free rides in life, right? Wrong! UberX offered free rides to everyone in Brooklyn one very special weekend, and Virginia Smith was savvy enough to spread the word so that everyone could benefit.


#4: 7 Best Rooftop Bars in Brooklyn

With snow in the ground and a chill in the air, it’s hard to imagine you’ll ever feel warm enough to want to be drinking a Tom Collins on a rooftop bar anytime soon, but we promise you, you will! And once you do, you’ll want this list as a reference point…it’s a comprehensive guide to where to drink up high come summertime.


#3: The 50 Funniest People in Brooklyn

Everyone loves to laugh. And also, apparently, everyone loves to read about people who make them laugh. That must be why this special feature we produced on the funniest people in Brooklyn was so popular with you guys. Everyone on this list is really, really funny. The funniest.


#2: How-To: Make an OKCupid Profile That Will Actually Get You Laid (or Love)

There was once a time when we wondered if the posts that would always be the most successful would be the ones directly related to sex. Well, we were wrong! The most successful posts are the ones about looking for sex. Virginia Smith has helped literally thousands of people in their hunt for ass love with this funny, informative guide to making an OKCupid profile.

And so, yes, love (or lack of love) is a powerful incentive for people to read an article, which brings us to our most read article of the year…


#1: The 25 Best Break-Up Songs

That’s right! If there’s anything that’s truly universal, it’s heartache. As Henry Stewart points out, “break-ups are one of those things everybody’s been through.” And what helps you get through loss more than music that speaks to the emptiness in your soul? Nothing. So listen to these songs, cry like Dawson, and think back on all the things that happened in 2013, and everything you have to look forward to in the coming year.

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