Williamsburg Broker Bombarded Her Coworkers With Nude Selfies (Allegedly)

Facebook via New York Post
Facebook via New York Post

Apartment-hunting site Nooklyn is suing a former employee for quitting in spectacular fashion, allegedly spamming the company’s servers with nude pictures of herself, deleting scores of company files, and trying to poach numerous important listings and clients on her way out. Of course, Stephanie Rose Gribbin (pictured above) tells a different story.

According to Gribbin, the company fabricated the claims in response to her complaints that officials tried to push her out of her position for being pregnant. The latter part of which is a despicable and all too common practice—America’s business structure isn’t exactly hospitable to child-bearing women—but also, if it’s true, a batshit crazy way to execute it. Currently, attorneys for the company say she incurred losses to the tune of $300,000, and started “uploading nude and seminude photographs of herself to Nooklyn’s Dropbox account” not long after being hired last summer. “[Nooklyn owner Harley Courts]  built this business from the ground up and is trying to make it grow,” a lawyer told the Post. Somehow, we have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ll hear of this whole thing.

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