Sponsored: Meet Owlbert, Star of Fresh Step’s Catdance Festival

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Your cat is a mystery, an enigma. That’s probably why you like him. You don’t know what the brain behind those eerie round eyes is thinking, what he’d love to tell you as he paws at that ball of yarn. But you’re sure that if your cat could talk he’d have a lot to say. He’d probably say it with a lot of sass too. Or in a French accent. Or both! You’re cat is probably a lot like Owlbert, star of one of the videos for the Fresh Step Catdance Film Festival. Owlbert’s got everything going for him: the purrfect fur, an ultra cool stare, and of course a Brooklyn-worthy mustache. Owlbert, like your cat, is worthy of his own French New Wave film, a modern day Truffaut. Wouldn’t you love it if your cat was the star of his very own film? What if he was the star of his own film festival?

Well hundreds of feline filmstars have submitted their videos to Fresh Step’s Catdance Film Festival, a compilation of some of the finest cat cinema across the country. Make sure to tune in every week for the premiere of original cat films hand selected by the Feline Arts Council, all leading up to the Catdance Film Festival taking place on January 2014 in Park City, Utah. No “I can has cheezburger” or every-day LOLcats need apply, Catdance is only for the true auteurs of the litter box.

Check out Owlbert’s video to see why he’s definitely the cat’s meow.

This post is sponsored by Fresh Step.


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